Sweet memories from bed #62

Ending up in a surgery is a sure way to bring my feelings in the gutter.

It has happened many times already, and it’s always the same so I had no reasons to expect something else. This is maybe the reason why I am experiencing so many unexpected occurrences.

It must be said I’m hospitalized in Bologna, the city that I adore since I was a kid where I was finally able to move last december.

Being in a ward where the sweet local accent brings flashes of memory of the years long gone when I was young can be more powerful than many drugs used to speed my recovery.

The totally unexpected event was that the 68-years old gentleman facing me in bed #65 works in the same area of business I was employed in Bologna in 1991. And he knows the person that, in many ways, has been more of a father for me than my biological one and started my learning curve on the ways things happen in life.

Giuliano, that’s his name, reminds me of him in many ways, including his ability to be a strong leader in a typical family company in Italy.

I know I’ll never be smart and capable as he is but meeting him here gave me a lot of things on which to to reflect and this is the opportunity that this risk and its correlated theats who played havoc on my body and my brain cannot take away.

Giuliano is leaving to continue his 3-months recovery at a specialised ward overlooking the valley, and I’ll miss him.

Thanks Giuliano.

Take care


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