Burning the bridges isn’t enough

Cut the ties, burn the bridges, there are many ways to express the act of eliminating all possibility of return or retreat once a relationship starts being too painful to keep it going.

But something that was cut can be mended, and if it was burnt it can be re-built, if the “other side” remains in its place and we do too.

This happens too often in close relationships and can cause additional pain and sorrow to us (which is in the end understandable) and to our significant other, which is totally inexcusable. Once the bad memories are overwritten both people tend to remember all the nice things they had and start longing for them, hoping that they can revive the positives and only them.

Stupid. Illogical, naive. But human. And then when the bad things happen again we feel much worse than we ever felt before because we know it’s only our fault. So?

The only solution to this never ending cycle of pain is to make sure that the “connection points” are destroyed, and we can’t count on the other side to make it happen. As painful and shameful as it can be, the only solution is to do destroy our reputation doing something totally unacceptable, something so awful that the other side won’t be able to forgive us in any case.

Only then we’ll be completely alone, having freed our significant other from the possibility to see us in a positive light anymore. Our stain of shame will be the only companion to remind us of the sacrifice we made in the name of true love, elevating our significant other above and beyond our self-esteem. That’s the power of love.




Un pensiero su “Burning the bridges isn’t enough

  1. Ciao Carlo
    Mi dispiace molto tu abbia cancellato il tuo account Twitter. ..ma capisco che uno come te (per quanto ti conosco) possa prendere le cose di petto.
    Spero di leggerti presto.


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