Deep vs broad

A Twitter account helps increasing the readership of one’s blog so it could be seen as a positive.

On the other end, Twitter is a place for very fast interactions, only seldom deep ones, and for someone as hypersensitive as me could sometimes prove overwhelming.

At this point in time I feel the need to think deeper about few topics than to stay on the surface on lot of them. That’s why I have suspended my Twitter account and I will instead follow the idea of Andrea Riscassi (#trecosebelle) and write a post every day about the positives of the day. They may not be three but I want to force myself to identify at least one that is surely positive at least in comparison with the others.

The fact that I won’t be able to use Twitter to give visibility to this blog means that I may be writing and no one will be reading, but that’s ok. Writing without being afraid of, or interested into, the reaction that what I write will generate into others is the best guarantee that I will write what I care about instead of what could generate the highest views.

I want to put myself in the shoes of a writer publishing the first short novel instead of a writer writing the tenth book aiming to please the readers in order to make the most money instead of writing what he/she really cares about.

In the end, this blog can be subscribed to, and if you are a one-time reader or a subscriber I’m hoping to offer you intersting reading all the same.

It will then be up to to subscribe, unaubscribe, let your friends know about this blog or keep it a secret for yourself: whatever you will choose, thank you in advance for your time.

This post is in English because I felt the need to write it in this language, others will be either in English or Italian, depending on whatever suits me when writing.


2 pensieri su “Deep vs broad

  1. Carlo, I have subscribed to your blog, my work blog is city edge solutions but I don’t use it much, so I have also sent you a linked in invitation as well My wine website is and let me know your email if you would like my newsletter. stay in touch. P


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