Another Kosovo?

Many people are expressing relief at the news of a possible decision by the Western countries to start a military action in Syria.

Since a few months I have followed the development of the situation, completely powerless, spending long days and nights discussing and sharing infos and trying to bring some help to the suffering population. No, I don’t feel any relief when I hear that a military action may take place. Quite the opposite.

I lived in the Gulf 10+ years ago and I know from direct experience that the elite always escapes the bombs that instead deliver death and destruction to the population.

Years, decades and centuries go by and governments still can’t to stop a blatant violation of human rights by peaceful means. This sadly proves that, in the end, our society is still ruled by brute force, the same set of rules that was in place when our cavemen ancestors where alive.

Becoming aware of this abnormity could be the way to trigger the reaction of the people who believe in democracy and peaceful interactions to take practical actions to change this obsolete framework of relationships.


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