Have we lost sight of what really matters?

This post was meant to be written in Italian only because it follows a few months of observation of the behavior of my Italian TL which, as I typically tweet in Italian, represents the vast majority. On the other hand, I thought I owed it to the non-Italians to have an English version to possibly open a conversation about your experience in your TL, whatever your language is.

The effort to give a “value” to things that, by their own nature, don’t have one (e.g. height, as in the saying that gives the title to the above song) is typical of those people who are unable to excel in those fields (university, sports, workplace) where value can be measured by means of generally accepted tools and standards.

The most fitting example is provided by those people who use the number of followers on Twitter as a measure of the quality of what the account tweets and the following/followers ratio a measure of the importance of the account.

Many people compare this approach to those that believe to be good entrepreneurs or managers because they always win when they play Monopoly and there is some truth in this.

What really surprises me though it’s the near morbid relationship with the figures that appear in the account page: many softwares allow to manage DAILY the relationship between following and followers and stop following someone when that account stops following ours.
I understand when something like this is done by VIP’s (say Roseanne Barr) that have to give priority to fans and people who like them but the vast majority of the people using it that I interface(d) with are very normal people that are then doing automatically with, I assume, all accounts they are followed by.

Looking at this with humor one could say that these people stop getting interesting tweets to vindicate the fact that those posting interesting tweets don’t find theirs interesting, but a more real analysis, especially for what refers to the way Twitter is used in Italy I’m afraid, is that these people are burning the book of an author simply because the author does not find the manuscript/letter/essay/love message they have for him/her interesting.

As far as I’m concerned I’m very grateful and surprised by the many followers I have that don’t know Italian and still follow me (or maybe that’s the reason why they do…). I had already planned to increase my interactions in English as they are always very useful and the above just makes my intention stronger.



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