“…do you make nothing of the Sun, life, love?”

Many things go wrong in our life and in those of our loved ones, and we can’t always compare with those who are less fortunate and have bigger troubles to try and be less unhappy.
If we can cope with the tragedies of life and move on it’s also because our awareness enables us to frame these events into the larger picture that is our life, and so nothing prevents us from using the same awareness to rejoice in the things that we often give for granted.

I feel very lucky for the fact that I’m now able to enjoy things that I received as a “regardless” gift. To reach this stage I received a lot of help from many people and some of them are still part of my life.

This song (I actually consider it poetry with music in the background) is my way to thank them all

Lyrics in English (courtesy of lyricstranslate.com)

It’s true
Believe me, it happened
one night, on a bridge
watching the dark water
with the damned desire
of making a dive
someone [was] behind me
maybe an angel
dressed as a passer-by
took me away telling me
but how can you not realize
how much the world is
even your pain
could go away then
Look around you
the gifts they gave you:
they invented for you
the sea!
You say you don’t have anything
Do you make nothing of the Sun!
the affection of a woman
who only loves you
The light of a morning
the hug of a friend
the face of a child

The night was over
but I was still feeling you
Life’s taste


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