Moving forward

Moving forward

Life rarely allows us to have clear lines between situations. This may engender a strong uncertainty about what to do or even if to do something at all. Self-preservation oftentimes suggests to wait until the setting is more clear and the blurred lines become more sharp. Interrupting the flow of our life is however like stopping the water…sooner or later it either becomes a marsh, or breaks the containment walls and its force destroys everything around it, as I discovered in my recent past. Continuous motion, slow and careful at times, fast and careless when we want to let our passions explode and enjoy the adrenaline rush, is the way I live my life now. Always moving forward but not necessarily in a straight line as my interests may change and so sometimes I find myself in places I was before, but with increased knowledge of myself. This makes me feel that I’m living a meaningful life and helps me cope in a much better way with the bad times, with an ingenuous smile across my face.


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