It’s time to go

Universe is really vast and, from our small and remote planet, we are so lucky that we can admire wonders such as Eagle Nebula expanding in the star-filled universe. Galaxies are home to countless stars and planets: we are on this one and we have eyes to see, ears to listen and soul to experience emotions. What a gift!

After several storms I forced myself to seek shelter for many years away from the wind, clinging to the dock of certainties. Several pieces of my soul atrophied with time, others became angry as they resented the forced docking, but the spark inside my soul never went out.

In the last few years I made peace with my angry side after promising to listen to its needs, until I started to become Light gray and I made room for people around me and for the energy they carry: my ears started to listen to the wind and then, curious as a cat, I raised my face to understand where it came from and where it was headed to. That was the moment when the wind rekindled the spark and revived my desire to go, experiment and share.

It’s time to leave the harbor and set sail: I’ll face other rain showers and severe storms, doubts and damages, but life in port is not meant for me. And I doubt is meant for anyone aside for the time required to repair major damages.


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