Light gray

Each thing has its own color (quoting Pierangelo Bertoli) and, traslating, each mood has its own color.

Each of us encases all basic moods and therefore all primary colors: energetic/red, cheerful/yellow, peaceful/blue and  lets them surface depending on the circumstances, unless we have a special purpose that drives us to a continued mood.

I always struggled a bit with yellow and blue was harder still, but how gratifying was it to work on myself for years to feel energetic and red: it made me believe I was able to transfer energy to others like it were a loaf of bread or a glass of water; this satisfied my desire to be useful to others while them were living very well anyway without my help. In the meantime this attitude pushed away from me all the people that felt, understandably, assaulted by my unsought help.

Once I realized my fundamental error, that life has many more colors and attitudes, I started my journey on the rainbow path and along the route, that extends endlessly in front of me, I discovered the color that suits me best: light gray.

Light gray allows me to do what I like the most: allow those who feel brilliant red to stand out as much as they like and enjoy yellow and blue around me without room for any disharmony. More importantly it makes it easier for me to near people without subjecting them to unwanted energy to walk together for a stretch of the road.

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