Hello World!

Welcome wanderer of the net.

If you know me I can guess you’ll be somewhat shocked by the idea of me writing and moreover “in public”, as far away from the person that you have in mind as  Nuuk is from Whakatane (check it out, geography is important!).

If you don’t know me then I hope I’ll intrigue you discussing topics worth the time it will take to read them and in such case you will maybe elect to open a window on the road of your life and let my words come in.

Bottom line, I plan to use this blog to write things I find interesting and that are longer than the 140 characters allowed by Twitter, prodded in doing so after reading the blogs and interesting texts of very smart communicators such as @alebegoli , @DaniLdC , @dantian3 and @simonespetia  (alphabetical order) and being subject to the emotional challenges of @alessandrazza (merci chérie). [Yes, they mostly write in Italian so you may want to start the language not to miss what they say….]

Paraphrasing Richard Bach a bit “I’ll write what I feel I shall write and I won’t worry about not having any readers: I know what I know and I write what I write.”

Be right back!



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